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Construction Manager Salary in the USA

Construction Manager Salary in the USA

Construction managers or project managers are one of the most appealing professions in the world. The shelter is one of the basic needs of mankind and construction managers meet this need for us. If you are planning a new career and considering being a construction manager, then this guide is for you.

Below, you are going to find every detail you need to know about construction managers. So, let’s start without wasting more time.

How Do Construction Managers Get Paid in the USA?

Construction managers in the United States are paid weekly or monthly. This mainly depends on the agreement between the construction manager and the hiring company. Below, you are going to find construction manager salaries per year, month, week, and hour.

Please note that these figures are calculated according to the average construction manager salary in the United States.

  • Per Year $83,107
  • Per Month $6,925
  • Per Week $1,598
  • Per Hour $40

Construction Manager Earnings by Seniority

Just like in all professions, you will be making much more as you earn experience in your profession. In general, the seniority levels are divided into five groups. The starting level represents construction managers who have just graduated.

The junior-level represents construction managers with more than 2-3 years of experience, while the mid-level represents 4-8 years of experience. Senior-level construction managers have around 10 years of experience and top-level construction managers have more than 15 years of working experience.

  • Top-Level $150,000
  • Senior-Level $117,000
  • Mid-Level $89,000
  • Junior-Level $67,000
  • Starting-Level $52,000

What is the Average Construction Manager Salary by State?

If you wonder about the average construction manager salary in the United States, then this section is for you. We have included the top twenty states that pay the most for the construction managers. You can be paid more and less than these figures. This depends on your experience, the company you are working for, and other factors.

  • Massachusetts $87,000
  • New Jersey $86,000
  • Hawaii $85,000
  • Connecticut $84,000
  • Washington $83,000
  • New York $83,000
  • Wisconsin $82,000
  • Rhode Island $82,000
  • Tennessee $82,000
  • Minnesota $82,000
  • Ohio $81,000
  • Alaska $81,000
  • North Dakota $81,000
  • Nevada $80,000
  • Utah $80,000
  • New Hampshire  $80,000
  • Louisiana $79,000
  • Maryland $79,000
  • South Dakota $78,000
  • New Mexico $78,000

Construction Manager Salaries in Other Countries

If you wonder about the construction manager salaries around the world, then you can find what you are looking for in this section. We have compiled the top 10 highest-paying countries in the world for you.

  • Switzerland $131,000
  • United States $112,000
  • Australia $109,000
  • Germany $88,000
  • Netherlands $86,000
  • United Arab Emirates $85,000
  • New Zealand $84,000
  • Qatar $82,000
  • United Kingdom $81,000
  • Belgium $78,000

How to Become a Construction Manager?

Anyone can become a construction manager by getting a four-year degree. Although it is possible to be a construction manager without any degree, most companies prefer to hire construction managers with a good degree. In general, you need to follow six steps to become a construction manager.

  1. Attend a university and get a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Start working in an entry-level construction job while studying.
  3. Work as an assistant construction manager.
  4. (Optional) Get the Certified Construction Manager certification.
  5. (Optional) Attend a university and get a master’s degree.
  6. Pick your niche and start your career.

The optional articles are not required but they will certainly contribute to how much you are going to make as a construction manager.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Construction Manager?

In general, getting a four-year degree and working at an entry-level construction job will be enough for you to become a construction manager. However, you will not be able to be hired for better positions that pay more.

This is why you should consider getting certification and a master’s degree. On average, you need 6 to 8 years of education and training to become a well-equipped construction manager. On the other hand, 4 years of education is also enough to make you a construction manager.

Is Being a Construction Manager Stressful?

This totally depends on your skills and preferences. If you lack risk management, leadership, and communication skills, being a construction manager may not be the best option for you. Due to the lack of these skills, you will be stressed a lot while working.

On the other hand, you also need to be open to experimenting, learning and adapting. These are also crucial skills that every construction manager needs to have.

The good thing is you can work on these skills and improve them. If you love building things and coordinating people, then being a construction manager will not be stressful for you at all.

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