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Cyber Security Salaries In USA An Europe

Cyber Security Salaries In USA An Europe

IT staff salaries increased by 1.6 % since the pandemic. Despite Corona, wages are developing well above average compared to other areas in Europe and the USA.

IT specialists and executives remain a sought-after job – that’s why their salary development is higher than that of other professions, even in times of difficulties, on the results of the current salary study. IT specialists still belong forward to the experienced groups on the labor market that are least threatened by short-time work or unemployment, which is also reflected in the salaries of IT experts and managers.

IT consultants and IT security specialists continue to receive the highest salaries among IT without responsibility. The most recent evaluation for around 12,000 records from 150 companies resulted in an average annual gross salary for IT consultants of 75,000 euros in Europe. IT security experts follow in second place with almost 70,000 dollars in the USA, followed closely by software developers who program mobile apps. Back-end developers earn an average of 65,000 euros gross per year. The SAP developers and front-end software developers, who have an annual salary of around 60,000 are surprisingly below average.

Cyber Security Salaries In USA An Europe
Cyber Security Salaries In USA An Europe

First Level Support Is At The Low End Of The Pay Scale

At the bottom of the list among IT specialists are still and as good as nothing has changed for years – the employees in database administration and in user support. IT professionals in second level support earned about 41,000 at the end of the year and those from first level support 35,000 a year. As a result, salaries for these groups are stagnating.

Experts Earn More and More

Almost 65 % of all people whose data was included in the salary study have a university degree. The doctorate is rewarded with an average of 80,000, the master’s degree brings IT specialists just under 70,000. The numbers are not starting salaries, but income that can be achieved on average with the qualification.

The Bigger The Company, The Higher The Salaries

The size of the company affects the salary. The bigger the company, the higher the compensation. To illustrate this difference, we lumped together the salaries of all IT specialists in a company and calculated the average.

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