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Journalist Salaries In USA An Europe

Journalist Salaries In USA An Europe

The media sector has been hit hard in recent years. Although journalism remains a dream job for many, even experienced ones have lost their jobs and have to fend for themselves. The salary analysis show what journalist actually earn in USA and Europe.

Many Roads Lead To Journalism

The annual salary makes a notably leap upwards when the position of editor is linked with individual responsibility: a journalist in-chief, for example, receives an average of around 70,000 euros a year in Europe. However, one can assume that the top earners among the in-chief did not disclose their salaries in the database; in the case of large newspapers, incomes are likely to be higher.

In the salary figures determined by private business, it is noticeable that women in the sector earn less. While a journalist has an annual gross salary of 45,000 euros, a female only achieves 39,000 euros. The gap also widens in the area of corporate communication: men receive an average of 45,000 dollars here in USA, women 38,000 dollars.



As already mentioned, knowledge about journalism also makes a difference. Long-term training with many facets is often better than a school, which mainly focuses on the practice. However, you should consider this aspect more as a supplement. Practical knowledge is usually higher in actual comparison.

Topic Field

In the sector of journalism, you will quickly find that some topics are categorized as notably more luxurious than others. Sports, entertainment and media are often more likely to make headlines than health or music advice. As already mentioned, you should above all have fun during your work in order to be able to convey high quality. However, if your section of interest makes less money, this component will also influence your earning potential.

Company Size and Reputation

Smaller companies will not have the monetary resources available to larger publishers and media companies. This fact not only influences the possibility of the contributions – your salary is also usually influenced by it. Companies with a larger following give your content a much broader reach – this gives your employer greater financial prospects, which will also be reflected in your annual earnings.

What Can Be Said About The Journalist Salary In A Global Comparison?

Although you can have a good life as a journalist in European countries, it is still worth taking a look at global earning chances. In English-speaking countries in particular, some reasons are particularly worth mentioning. Here you will be confronted with journalistic facilities with the world’s most profitable framework. Whether politics or entertainment – especially in combination with moving images, salaries are raised depending on the region. Larger stations such as BBC or CNN in USA pay annual salaries in the millions if the conditions are right. In this subject, it is also important to establish personalities. Together with exciting content, this provides an additional reason for the end consumer to follow the show on TV or online.

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