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Reporter Salaries 2022

Reporter Salaries 2022

If you work on TV as a reporter, you get a high salary – is that true? That’s not the case everywhere, according to a new researches by experts. On the contrary: The business is tough – many employees receive very low salaries.

Salaries in media production are at a low level. Sure: directors, top presenters and prominent reporters or moderators draw sums in the millions. Experts claimed that some earned the most of all participants in the round in 2022.

Things Are Looking Good For Production Managers, Editors and Presenters

Accordingly, sound engineers and editors often receive less than 50,000 dollars a year. The media sector is very attractive to young people.

Low Salaries For Reporters, Cameramen and Editors

It depends on the size of the company – the simple rule is: the bigger the media company, the higher the salary. For example, editors in smaller production companies earn less than 50,000 dollars a year – with large broadcasters it is well over 65,000 dollars.

On the other side are the low earners in the sector. This includes the cutter and the media designer. They both earn an average annual salary of around 40,000 dollars. This is followed by the cameraman with an average of 38,000 dollars per year and media clerks with the similar amount. The median annual salary for a reporter in New York is almost $80,000. The median additional cash pay for a reporter in New York, TX is $3,000


How Much Can I Earn Later As A Reporter?

As a reporter, you have a variety of entry chances that offer you different salaries. If you are employed as an editor at a daily newspaper, you will receive an average gross monthly salary of 4.000 dollars. If you get a collective agreement, you can look forward to a monthly salary of 7,000 dollars after five years of experience. For example, if you are employed as a copywriter in a media company, you can expect a gross monthly salary of 5,000 dollars. If, on the other hand, you are a freelancer, you do not have a regular salary, because this depends on the order situation.

What If My Company Does Not Have A Collective Agreement?

If your company does not pay your salary based on a collective agreement, it is up to your employer how much he pays you. In a private conversation you can negotiate about your future salary. However, your employer is obliged to pay you the statutory wage. In order to start the negotiation with actual numbers, you can direct yourself on the applicable collective agreements. Due to the changing collective bargaining situation and remuneration, all data is not guaranteed and requires the current review in individual cases.For better readability, only one gender form may be used, although all genders are meant.

How Does A Reporter’s Salary Increase?

Your salary as a reporter depends on many different facts: on the one hand, experience plays a decisive key, on the other hand, the size of the company or the place in which you want to work. Last but not least, your negotiating skills also affect your salary. It is important that you do not only make a job dependent on the salary. The working ambience, the team and company benefits should also influence your decision.

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