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Prosecutor Salaries by Country 2021

Prosecutor Salaries by Country 2021
Prosecutor Salaries in the USA

If you are willing to pursue a career in law, then you may want to be a prosecutor. Prosecutor is one of the reputable positions that allow an amazing networking opportunity. You will be the legal representative of your clients and do your best to defend their rights. Without a doubt, this career requires you to be highly professional, and you need to know the laws very well. In case you would like to know how much your prosecutors are paid, then keep reading!

Highest Paying States in the US for Prosecutors

In case you wonder how much you are going to make as a prosecutor in different states, then this section is for you. Below, you can find all the states and the average prosecutor salaries. Certain factors such as cost of living, consumer price index, and crime rates affect the overall salaries.

  • Washington $82,000
  • Maryland $81,000
  • Nebraska $80,000
  • New York $79,000
  • Virginia $78,000
  • Colorado $77,000
  • South Carolina $77,000
  • New Hampshire $76,000
  • Delaware $76,000
  • California $74,000
  • Oklahoma $74,000
  • Massachusetts $73,000
  • Michigan $72,000
  • Vermont $72,000
  • Hawaii $71,000
  • Wyoming $70,000
  • Idaho $70,000
  • Connecticut $69,000
  • West Virginia $68,000
  • Maine $68,000
  • Pennsylvania $68,000
  • Rhode Island $68,000
  • Alaska $68,000
  • Nevada $67,000
  • North Dakota $67,000
  • Texas $67,000
  • New Jersey $67,000
  • Montana $67,000
  • Arizona $66,000
  • Indiana $66,000
  • Minnesota $65,000
  • North Carolina $65,000
  • Tennessee $65,000
  • South Dakota $65,000
  • Wisconsin $65,000
  • Ohio $65,000
  • Kentucky $65,000
  • Oregon $64,000
  • Utah $64,000
  • Georgia $64,000
  • Louisiana $63,000
  • Kansas $63,000
  • Iowa $62,000
  • Alabama $62,000
  • New Mexico $62,000
  • Arkansas $59,000
  • Mississippi $59,000
  • Illinois $59,000

Average Prosecutor Salaries by Country

Average Prosecutor Salaries by Country

It will be worth noting that the average prosecutor salaries in the United States are a little bit lower when compared to other countries. Many determinants can affect the price difference. Despite the average salary difference, prosecutors in the United States tend to earn more.

This is mainly because you can find more clients to represent compared to the following countries. If you wonder about some of the highest paying countries for prosecutors, here are the average salaries you can make by working in these countries.

Since you need to know the laws of the country you are going to work in, we did not include all countries but some of the major and developed ones.

  • Japan $145,000
  • Switzerland $120,000
  • Norway $116,000
  • Ireland $113,000
  • The Netherlands $107,000
  • Canada $105,000
  • Germany $105,000
  • The United Kingdom $103,000
  • Australia $100,000

What Are Career and Job Opportunities for Prosecutors?

As a prosecutor, you can start your own business, work for international companies, or as a state official. Each position has its own benefits. In general, experienced prosecutors start their own company after started to be recognized in the sector. As a new prosecutor, it will be better for you to land a job in a company or state to gain some experience.

What Are the Working Conditions of Prosecutors?

Unfortunately, prosecutors do not have predetermined working hours. You may spend days and nights getting prepared for a trial. However, this will always be in favor of you since winning challenging trials for your clients will help you to build a reputation in this career. As a result, more and more clients will be preferring you.

It is safe to say that you will have more freedom in your work compared to other professions since you will have to manage your own time. This is why time management is one of the crucial skills for many prosecutors.

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