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Data Analyst Salaries In USA An Europe

Data Analyst Salaries In USA An Europe

Shortly before you graduate, the question arises as to which area you would like to pursue a career in. If you are studying business administration, statistics or science, a job as a data analyst might be an opportunity for you. Here we show you what tasks await you in this field, what requirements you have to meet and how much salary you can earn in the section of data analytics.

Job Description At A Glance

As the job title suggests, working as a data analyst is all about data. A data analyst flattens complicated selections of data into detail that adds value to the business. He evaluates data, presents the results and develops recommendations for activity for the company based on his analyses. Depending on the sector, he or she investigates different issues. For example, data analysts help to assess whether an investment has been successful or whether an advertising has achieved the desired goal. In addition, you can specialize in an area of ​​data analytics. In the advertising sector, for example, marketing analysts are in demand, in the monetary sector you can make a career with a focus on monetary statistics, in the healthcare sector you can focus on health data and software as a detached data analyst.

Data Analyst

How Much Can You Earn In Data Analytics?

The salary of a data analyst in USA or Europe depends, among other things, on pro experience. You usually start your career as a beginner data analyst or as an employee. After a few years, you can work your way up to higher ranking data analyst. If you prove yourself in the job, opportunity to a position is open to you.

As a beginner data analyst, you can earn an average gross annual salary of around 45,000 euros in Europe, depending on the sector and size of the company. After five to six years of experience, annual earnings of around 60,000 gross are possible. With around ten years of experience on the job, you can even earn more than 70,000 euros gross per year.

How much you earn as a data analyst also depends on the place in which you work. Particularly high earning chances await you in the USA. The average gross annual salary here is between 65,000 dollars. In Europe on the other hand, you earn an average annual gross salary of around 50,000 dollars. Larger companies usually offer higher salaries than young start-ups and small and regular-sized companies. Smaller companies, on the other hand, often give you more freedom and development chances.

Excellent Career Potential As A Data Analyst

Data analysts are in demand. Above all, companies from the areas of economy and insurance, health care and energy are looking for experienced, structured data analysis and assessment. With a degree in business administration, statistics or science and a degree in finance, you have the right qualifications. If you are familiar with databases and common tools and can demonstrate the necessary soft skills, exciting jobs with good potential for advancement await you. Even young professionals earn above average. With a master’s degree, you increase your salary prospects again.

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