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Doctor Salaries in United States 2021

Doctor Salaries in United States 2021
Average Doctor Salaries in USA

Have you ever wondered how much do doctors make in a year? If so, this article is for you. We have listed the earning of different types of doctors in the United States. We have also provided the highest-paid physician specialties across the country as well as doctor salaries in some of the major European countries.

Of course, your specialty matters a lot and determines how much you can make a year. In addition to this, your graduation, as well as your experience, are other important factors that will directly affect your salary. You may also consider being a self-employed doctor and work on behalf of yourself. We have also covered the salary differences between employed and self-employed doctors in the following headings.

We hope that this article will be a great guide for those who are planning to focus on a medical career. Although the training may be long and challenging, the nature of your future job and its salary is quite rewarding. So, let’s stop wasting time and provide you what you have been looking for.

Average Doctor Salaries by Specialty

It will be worth noting that the United States has the highest-paid physician specialties compared to the rest of the world. As you can guess the surgeon salary in the United States is a lot more rewarding in any part of the world. Without a doubt, it is the best country to pursue a doctor career.

These days plastic surgery is one of the specialties that make the most money. However, with the advancements in healthcare technology and the increasing trend to be a plastic surgeon, the salaries may start to fall in the following decade. This is just an estimation, but you need to consider this fact before deciding on your career.

Here are some of the doctor specialties and their average income annually.

  • Plastic Surgery $526,000
  • Orthopedics & Orthopedic Surgery $511,000
  • Cardiology $459,000
  • Urology $427,000
  • Otolaryngology $417,000
  • Radiology $413,000
  • Gastroenterology $406,000
  • Oncology $403,000
  • Dermatology $394,000
  • Ophthalmology $379,000
  • Anesthesiology $378,000
  • General Surgery $373,000
  • Critical Care $366,000
  • Emergency Medicine $354,000
  • Pulmonary Medicine $333,000
  • Pathology $316,000
  • Gynecology & Women’s Health $312,000
  • Nephrology $311,000
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation $300,000
  • Neurology $290,000
  • Rheumatology $276,000
  • Psychiatry $275,000
  • Allergy & Immunology $274,000
  • Internal Medicine $248,000
  • Infectious Diseases $245,000
  • Diabetes & Endocrinology $245,000
  • Public Health & Preventive Medicine $237,000
  • Family Medicine $236,000
  • Pediatrics $221,000

Top Earning States for Physicians

How much average doctor salaries by speciality and seniority in the USA and Europe. Top earning states for physicians in the United StatesThe answer to how much do doctors make questions greatly varies depending on the state you are going to work. Although there are no major differences due to the purchasing power of the states, you may still want to know the differences. The following figures will not guarantee you to land positions that offer you similar figures. These are the average figures and can greatly vary depending on your area, expertise, and experience.

If choosing a state according to the highest-paid physician specialties is an important determinant for you, here are the highest paying states for doctors.

  • Alabama $348,000
  • Kentucky $340,000
  • Oklahoma $338,000
  • Indiana $337,000
  • Missouri $332,000
  • South Carolina $332,000
  • Florida $331,000
  • Georgia $330,000
  • Iowa $330,000
  • Tennessee $329,000
  • Ohio $325,000
  • North Carolina $325,000
  • Louisiana $323,000
  • Nevada $320,000
  • Texas $320,000
  • Maryland $315,000
  • Arizona $314,000
  • Virginia $314,000
  • Pennsylvania $313,000
  • New Jersey $312,000
  • California $311,000
  • Illinois $310,000
  • Washington $310,000
  • Michigan $308,000
  • Colorado $307,000
  • Wisconsin $304,000
  • Oregon $304,000
  • Connecticut $303,000
  • Massachusetts $300,000
  • New York $298,000
  • Minesota $296,000

Doctor Earnings by Seniority

Besides types of doctors, their seniority also determines the average money they make in a year. It will take time for you to reach the highest level to enjoy rewarding salaries. However, the figures we present in the article are average figures. This means that both starting-level and top-level doctor salaries are included in the calculation. By considering this fact, it is safe to say that some surgeon salaries are more than a million.

We believe that you should not focus on the following figures. They are average figures, and you will eventually reach the top-level in years. What matters is choosing the right specialty for yourself. After all, you will not be happy in case you prefer expertise that you are not interested in. Instead of focusing on the highest-paid specialties, you should focus on the field you are interested in and want to work in.

Here are the average doctor salaries by their seniority:

  • Top-Level $354,000
  • Senior-Level $286,000
  • Mid-Level $238,000
  • Junior-Level $210,000
  • Starting-Level $192,000

Earnings for Self-Employed Physicians

Another important factor to consider while proving an answer to how much do doctors make is their employment type. Just like in all professions, self-employed doctors make more money than their colleagues who work in hospitals, clinics, or organizations.

Of course, being self-employed has its own risks and you need to have a great customer relation as well as a great team. Customer loyalty matters a lot in this regard. After all, you will not create a sustainable business when your customers will not be satisfied with your services.

According to the statics, the average doctor salary in the United States is around $300,000. This figure is calculated by the employed doctors. On the other hand, the average salary of self-employed doctors is around $352,000.

This means that self-employed doctors make $52,000 more on average. However, considering the expenses such as rent, paychecks of other personnel, it is safe to say that employed doctors make more money than their self-employed colleagues.

Doctor Salaries in European Countries

Different types of doctors make different amounts of money, and this is not an exception in European countries. However, it will be worth noting that doctors in Europe make less money compared to their colleagues in the United States. Although the average salaries may seem low, you should also consider the purchasing power in the countries you are planning to work in.

Here are some major European countries and average salaries:

  • Netherland $253,000
  • Belgium $188,000
  • Ireland $183,000
  • The United Kingdom $150,000
  • France $149,000
  • Switzerland $130,000
  • Denmark $91,000
  • Germany $77,000
  • Sweden $76,000
  • Finland $74,000

Please note that these are the average salaries for the highest-paid physician specialties in Europe. In general, practitioners make less than physicians.

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