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Medical Biller and Coder Salaries in the USA

Medical Biller and Coder Salaries in the USA

If you ask yourself how much does a certified Biller and Coder make, then this guide is for you. We have listed every single detail that you may want to know about this profession. Without a doubt, they are one of the most crucial healthcare workers that keep everything organized.

You can work in different positions depending on your degree, working experience, and preferences. If you would like to learn more about these, then keep reading!

Medical Biller and Coder Salaries by State

Just like all professions, medical billing and coding salaries vary depending on various factors. The state you are going to work in is one of these factors. This is why we have compiled all the states in the country and average salaries offered to the medical billing and coding profession.

If you still wonder is billing and coding a good career, the following figures may be the best answer to your question.

  • Alabama $36,000
  • Alaska $55,000
  • Arizona $41,000
  • Arkansas $37,000
  • California $50,000
  • Colorado $47,000
  • Connecticut $49,000
  • Delaware $48,000
  • Columbia $57,000
  • Florida $39,000
  • Georgia $41,000
  • Hawaii $51,000
  • Idaho $43,000
  • Illinois $47,000
  • Indiana $41,000
  • Iowa $43,000
  • Kansas $40,000
  • Kentucky $40,000
  • Louisiana $36,000
  • Maine $42,000
  • Maryland $48,000
  • Massachusetts $52,000
  • Michigan $53,000
  • Minnesota $52,000
  • Mississippi $35,000
  • Missouri $45,000
  • Montana $42,000
  • Nebraska $44,000
  • Nevada $43,000
  • New Hampshire $43,000
  • New Jersey $48,000
  • New Mexico $42,000
  • New York $50,000
  • North Carolina $38,000
  • North Dakota $50,000
  • Ohio $43,000
  • Oklahoma $41,000
  • Oregon $51,000
  • Pennsylvania $42,000
  • Rhode Island $49,000
  • South Carolina $38,000
  • South Dakota $42,000
  • Tennessee $40,000
  • Texas $40,000
  • Utah $42,000
  • Vermont $43,000
  • Virginia $45,000
  • Washington $53,000
  • West Virginia $39,000
  • Wisconsin $44,000
  • Wyoming $45,000

Medical Billing and Coding Salary by Degree

Many people also wonder do medical billers and coders work from home. It is safe to say that they can work from home without any challenge. However, your agreement with your employer is quite important in this regard. Although your duties can be performed from home, most employers would like to see you in the office.

In addition to this, we would like to provide information about medical billing and coding salary by degree.

Billing Clerk I – $41,000

You will be in charge of data entry, bill generation, and information verification in the billing department.

Billing Analyst III – $69,000

You will be sure about the accurate and timely billing for the customers. This is the highest level of billing analyst position.

Billing Analyst II – $57,000

The job description is the same as the above and this is the second level position.

Billing Analyst I – $48,000

The same also applies to this position which is the entry-level position for the profession.

Billing Manager – $98,000

You will be supervising billing operations and invoices and manage other employees working in your department.

Medical Billing Supervisor – $63,000

You will be carrying out the same operations mentioned above and provide reporting for the manager.

Medical Records Coding Technician – $55,000

You will be dealing with the patients’ records and abstract the required information such as medical records.

Medical Records Coding Manager – $73,000

You will be in charge of the technicians and be responsible for reporting as well as employees working in your department.

Medical Billing Clerk – $40,000

You will be dealing with all kinds of billing operations for the company you are working for including reviewing, coding, and generating bills.

Medical Billing Specialist – $43,000

You will be closely in touch with the patients and review & verify their bills.

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