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Salaries in LinkedIn

Salaries in LinkedIn
linkedin salaries usa

LinkedIn is one of the unique social media platforms that is designed for the business community. The company was founded in 2002 in the United States and launched its website in 2003. LinkedIn managed to be visited 20 million times in 2006 and announced its 200,000,000th user in 2013. Besides being one of the popular social media platforms, LinkedIn is also famous for its job opportunities. Thus, many people wonder how much does LinkedIn pay for its employees.

If you are one of these people, we got your back. Below, you can find detailed information about the job opportunities on LinkedIn, average salaries by department, state, and even country. Now, let’s check them together one by one.

LinkedIn Salaries by Job Title

Although LinkedIn is a social media platform, it still employs as many software engineers as software companies. Thus, LinkedIn engineer salaries are quite tempting to attract professionals. Working for LinkedIn is definitely a great bonus for your resume and can contribute to your career in a positive way.

However, this does not mean that only engineers are enjoying competitive salaries in the company. You can still land amazing jobs at very competitive salaries. This is why we wanted to list some of the most popular and highest-paid job titles in LinkedIn under this section.

Here are some of the average salaries by jobs in LinkedIn.

  • Software Engineer $145,000
  • Senior Software Engineer                $180,000
  • Machine Learning Software Engineer $150,000
  • Account Executive $135,000
  • Relationship Manager $130,000
  • Data Scientist    $140,000
  • Site Reliability Manager  $145,000
  • Product Manager $170,000
  • Customer Success Manager $100,000
  • UX Designer $135,000

LinkedIn Salary Averages by Department

If you wonder about the salary averages in LinkedIn, then this section is for you. However, it will be worth noting that different factors can affect the overall salary you are going to be offered by the company. Factors such as your experience, previous positions, education can greatly affect your salary. On average, LinkedIn salaries by the department are as follows:

  • Engineering  $126,000
  • Information Technology $120,000
  • Business Development $115,000
  • Marketing $105,000
  • Research & Development $103,000
  • Sales $102,000
  • Art & Design $92,000

On average, the engineering department has the highest average salary with $126.000. On the other hand, the lowest average salary among the department belongs to Art & Design department with $92,000.

LinkedIn Average Salaries by State (USA)

Linkedin Salaries by job titles, salary averages by departments, by USA states and other countries, ceo and engineer salaries in LinkedinAs you can guess, salaries also vary depending on your current state. Under this heading, we have compiled the average salary differences between different states. This is the main reason why two LinkedIn software engineer salaries may have differences between two identical employees.

This is why we wanted to compile some of the most-paid states in the United States for you. Please note that these are average salaries and the salary you may be offered may vary depending on many factors, including the state you are residing in.

  • San Francisco, California $125,000
  • Sunnyvale, California                $125,000
  • New York, New York $109,000
  • Mountain View, California $142,000
  • Chicago, Illinois                $84,000
  • Omaha, Nebraska $58,000
  • San Jose, California $120,000

LinkedIn Average Salaries by Country

As you can guess, LinkedIn salary policy also varies according to different countries in the world. LinkedIn has numerous working centers in major cities and countries. For now, United States is the highest-paid country on average and Singapore is the lowest one.

However, it will be worth noting that the number of employees in these countries varies significantly and this affects the average salary. Here are some of the countries and LinkedIn’s average salaries offered to its employees.

  • United States $145,000
  • Germany $140,000
  • Spain $132,000
  • Canada $99,000
  • United Kingdom $93,000
  • France $86,000
  • Singapore $85,000

CEO Salaries in LinkedIn

LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky has just started his in the company. He has been CEO since July 2021 and there are many uncertainties about the salary and premiums he is going to receive. The company did not make any announcement and since he has been CEO for two months, there are no reports yet.

However, Ryan Roslansky used to make $3,000,000 while he was the CEO of GoDaddy. This corresponds to $250,000 in a month. We will update the LinkedIn CEO salary as soon as new figures or reports will be published.

How to Apply for a Job in LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is constantly growing and therefore there are many LinkedIn jobs to apply at any time of the year. The company serves worldwide and has employees from all around the world. Since you can apply to LinkedIn in any part of the world, we highly recommend you giving a try. The vast majority of the positions can be worked abroad and from home.

LinkedIn actively hires interns and professionals. This is a great opportunity for those who are going to start their career for the first time. Moreover, it will be worth noting that the company offers highly competitive salaries for inters when compared to other technology giants.

You can follow the vacant positions by visiting careers.linkedin.com. All the application processes are carried over this platform and emails.

What Are Working Conditions in LinkedIn?

Since LinkedIn is a social media platform that is designed for business networks, you can expect them to have an amazing company culture. This is totally true, and the vast majority of LinkedIn employees are happy with their jobs. Besides premiums, you enjoy free healthcare insurance. Of course, this service is not provided in certain states of the United States.

LinkedIn also supports the career of its own employees and provides an opportunity to apply for vacant positions while you are already working at the company.

Their innovative workplace is another great bonus for many employees and the company regularly organizes events to motivate its business.

What Are LinkedIn Recruitment Processes?

LinkedIn adopts a four-stage recruitment process for new applicants. You can enjoy an amazing LinkedIn career once you pass these stages. The first stage is called the application stage, where you need to visit careers.linkedin.com and look for vacant positions. Secondly, your application will undergo the conversation stage, which you will be called if you pass. The third stage is the interview, where you may be interviewed a few times. The last stage is the decision stage, and you will be offered a salary once you complete all stages.

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