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What Is the McDonald’s Minimum Wage in 2021?

What Is the McDonald’s Minimum Wage in 2021?

McDonald’s is one of the leading fast-food companies in the world and it is famous for hiring students and new graduates. The company was founded in 1940 and operating in every single country in the world but North Korea.

If you would like to learn more about the McDonald’s minimum wage, then this guide is for you. We have compiled everything you would like to know in this guide to offer you the detailed information.

From minimum wages to starting pays, you can learn the salaries in McDonald’s for different positions. So, let’s stop wasting time and check out this information.

Do McDonald’s Workers Get Minimum Wage?

Just like most of the international fast-food chains, McDonald’s does not have a single-wage policy. The starting pay and McDonald’s salary per hour may vary depending on various factors. The first and most important factor that can affect your salary is where you are going to work.

McDonald’s has different wage policies in different states in the United States. In addition to this, your prior experience or degree (in certain positions) can affect the starting pay you are going to receive. Moreover, sometimes some branches tend to pay more than average when they cannot find employees to work with.

As of today, McDonald’s has an average of $13 wage. However, the average fast-food worker is paid $9. Expecting to make more than $10 per hour will be quite an optimistic expectation in case you are working in crowded cities. In the following section, you can find different starting pays for different positions available at McDonald’s.

What Is McDonald’s Starting Pay?

As we previously mentioned, starting pays can be affected by various factors such as your state, experience, or degree. In this section, we have provided some of the available positions in McDonald’s and their average starting pays.

We would like to note that these figures are based on the positions available in the United States. We hope these figures will give you an overall idea about what to expect or request as a starting salary when you will be accepted for that position.

  • Cashier $10
  • Restaurant Manager $12
  • Fast Food Worker $9
  • Crew Leader               $10
  • Food Service Worker $10
  • Fast Food Cook $9
  • Swing Manager $12
  • Grill Cook $8
  • Line Cook $11
  • Fast Food Assistant Manager $13
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager $11
  • Fast Food Manager $13
  • Restaurant Cook $10
  • Member Service Representative $9
  • Human Resources $10
  • Food Service Manager $12
  • House Manager $9
  • Crew Chief $12
  • Maintenance Technician $13
  • Restaurant General Manager $14
  • Kitchen Hand $9

These are the average fees that you are going to receive per hour depending on your experience or state. You should keep in mind that McDonald’s restaurants located in crowded cities tend to pay less than the average since they can easily find new employees.

Just like the opposite, you can earn more than the above-mentioned figures by working in less crowded cities where restaurants cannot find employees to fill their vacancies. You can directly apply for these positions through the restaurants or the official website of the company.


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