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MSW Salaries 2022

MSW Salaries 2022

MSW can work in the private sector or be employed by the public or domestic institutions. In the latter case, the payment corresponds to the applicable agreement for the public sector. Career starters with a bachelor’s degree have to reckon with lower salaries, while experienced social workers in higher positions with responsibility can earn better. Before talking about the highest paid social workers, it is necessary to understand what social work is and who a social worker is.

MSW includes science and knowledge. Social work is both an academic work and a responsibility. The profession connects the workers with several other fields such as health, education, religion, law among others. A social worker is an individual involved in the life of children, adults, the vulnerable, the disabled, and the elderly. This means that a social worker tries to create a better life for individuals and families.

What Is The Starting Salary Of A Social Worker?

Since a degree is required for the profession, you will not receive any wages during your training. However, there is the chance of an internship for job starters. If you do an internship at a public or local institution, then the agreement for the sector applies to you

Salary Of Social Workers In The Public Sector

As a MSW in this sector will be paid according to the agreement. Your salary will then be based on the table of the social and educational providers. The salaries are relevant for social workers. There are also salary levels within the salary teams. Here you can be ranked higher with increasing experience and work.


Companies From 100 To 1,000 Employees

In our ongoing survey, 70 social work companies with between 100 and 1,000 employees provided us with details on starting salaries for high school graduates with a bachelor’s degree. An average annual salary of 45.000 was determined.

How much does a social worker earn in the year of recognition?

During the year of recognition in service, the agreement applies to remuneration. The monthly income is 2.500 dollars per month for social workers. This is gross and not net earnings.

How Much Does A Social Worker Earn?

Since all social workers have a degree, the salary is very variable and depends on the reasons mentioned above. In the public sector, for example, the level and thus the salary group depends on the area of responsibility and the duration of the employment relationship. In salary level 12 and level 2, the monthly salary is currently 5.000 dollars. The top salary after several years of experience is over 6.500 dollars.

Salary According To Company Position

The better your skills as a social worker, the better paid and more responsible sections of facilities await you. With a master’s degree in social work, you have actually better prospects for a higher social worker salary than with a bachelor’s degree. With a master’s degree, you often work impositions with responsibility. Salaries of more than 5.000 dollars gross per month are possible much earlier. The average salary without a higher position is 2750 dollars gross per month. That makes a difference of 250 dollars gross per month or 6 %. The 75 % of all salaries are below this.

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