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Average Podiatrist Salary Salaries

Average Podiatrist Salary Salaries

The profession of podiatrist deals with foot care and the treatment of painful foot problems. What about the earning potential of a podiatrist? Is the job adequately remunerated?

This blog provides an overview of the salary as a podiatrist, the remuneration by kind of institution, state, age and gender, as well as further training chances.

During the 2-year full time, podiatrists spent around 2,000 hours of instruction not only dealing with work-related subjects such as biology, and chemistry, but above all with the structure and functioning of the human body and in particular with that of the foot. In addition, the trainees learn everything about disease and pharmacology and knowledge, first aid, prevention and rehabilitation, podiatry treatments, foot care measures, as well as podiatry and its work utensils.

In 1,000 additional hours, medical podiatrists acquire extensive knowledge. In addition to a 2-year full-time, there is also the chance of completing the training in a 4-year part-time. In order to be allowed to start the training, interested ones must have a medium-level qualification or an equivalent qualification, as well as a medical document and a certificate of good conduct. Since the training to become a podiatrist is school-based, there has not been any remuneration so far.

The easy part of the training, which can be completed in a podiatry, a clinic or an outpatient, for example, is only paid for in extremely rare cases. In some cases, there may even be costs for any exam fees or similar. In order to be allowed to bear the job title of, a final exam must be passed, which consists of a written part.

Average Podiatrist Salary Salaries
Average Podiatrist Salary Salaries

Starting Salary

After successfully completing the training, the doors of the world are open to graduates because, according to the chairman of the Podiatry Association, there is still a severe shortage of podiatry experts.

After successfully completing their training, newly qualified podiatrists can work in practices and hospitals. The starting salary of a podiatrist depends primarily on their location and the kind of facility. Because trained podiatrists have the chance to work in public, church or private institutions. The newly appointed podiatrists are also free to venture into self-employment with their own practice.

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