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Minimum Wage For Domestic Workers

Minimum Wage For Domestic Workers

In the future, domestic workers should earn at least an amount per hour, for employees with experience the figure goes up to 22 percent. With the standard employment deal for the sector, the Federal Council has set a minimum wage for the first time since the introduction of the accompanying measures.

This is only possible under the situation that within a sector the wages customary in the location have repeatedly been abusively undercut. This is often the case in housekeeping, as a study by the federal tripartite on the implementation of the accompanying measures has shown. The introduction of minimum wages is intended to prevent people in households from working for wages that are well below the level customary in the sector due to the expansion of the free movement of persons.

The perfect way to set up your company or convert a sole proprietorship is with startups. You will receive professional advice before and after founding the company. You can register here for a consultation or request free of charge. Minimum wages will also apply to employees in housekeeping for the next three years. The Federal Council decided this year to extend the sector’s regular employment deal until the end of 2022. At the same time, minimum wages will be increased by 1.6 %.

Minimum Wage For Domestic Workers
Minimum Wage For Domestic Workers

The background to this is the numerous violations of the minimum wage rules that the tripartite had identified in recent years. Due to the strong demand for foreign career in private households, the Federal Council also assumes that the danger of abuse would increase if the minimum wage were abolished.

The requirements for the extension of the regular employment deal are thus met. These are defined in the accompanying measures. The increase in the minimum wage reflects the nominal wage development. In the consultation, the majority of the measures met with approval. The companies reject the extension in principle, while various business organizations were critical of the increase in the minimum wage. The basic employment deal for domestic workers in private households has been in effect for 11 years.

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