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What is the Alberta Minimum Wage in 2021

What is the Alberta Minimum Wage in 2021
What is the Alberta Minimum Wage

Without a doubt, Alberta is one of the most favorable destinations to move to or migrate to. Besides its amazing beauty and city texture, Alberta stands out with its high minimum wage. As of today, the minimum wage in Alberta is $15.00 per hour. This makes it the second-highest paying state in Canada by being ranked right after Nunavut. Considering the purchasing power of locals, Alberta is the best city to live in and start a family. Anyone who works with the minimum wage can easily afford a great lifestyle while paying rent. If you would like to learn more about the minimum wage in Alberta, you can keep reading.

No Increase in Alberta Minimum Wage in 2021

There will be no minimum wage increase in Alberta in 2021. The last minimum wage increase took place in 2018 and since then people working in this area earn $15 per hour. This is a great proof of the stability of the economy in the state. Zero to fewer price rises occur in basic needs and goods so you can always make reliable plans for your and your family’s future. Just like in some of the Canadian provinces, Alberta also applies different minimum wages for students and certain professions. The last minimum wage increases for students took place in 2019 and no changes will be made this year too.

Minimum Wage Exemptions in Alberta in 2021

Employers must comply with different minimum wage standards depending on the type of their employees. In this section, we are going to provide detailed information about these exemptions and their minimum wages. In general, these exemptions are grouped under three headings, and these are:

  • Students who are under 18 years old
  • Salespeople such as land agents
  • Domestic live-in employees

These employee groups receive $13 per hour, $598 per week, and $2,848 per month, respectively. The government made a statement about there will be no increase in minimum wages of these employment groups in 2021 too. Considering the consumer price index, there is no need for an increase as well. You can easily sustain a great lifestyle in Alberta with these figures.


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