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Australian Minimum Wages 2022

Australian Minimum Wages 2022

In the various quality of life and happiness rankings, Australia is always in the top places. And the wage level is higher than in many European countries. The biggest advantage of working in Australia is certainly that you also live in Australia. The quality of life there is enormous, the people are friendly and open-minded, the idea in many places could be life is easy. Nevertheless, when working, hard work is sometimes required. This sometimes saves the contribution.

With many foreigners living and working in Australia, we just barely made it into the top immigrant groups. As an American, you almost have good status on the fifth continent. And that’s a good thing.

How Is The Labor Market Condition In Australia?

The Australian market shines with a low unemployment rate (5% approximately) and this puts you in a good negotiating on the Australian market with your workforce. Engineers, craftsmen, teachers and healthcare are the most sought after. The average per capita is over 50,000 dollars, a good 20% higher than in Europe. In other words, the resilient Australian finance, while smaller than England or France, is relatively stronger.


How Much Do Workers Make In Australia?

The lowest wage is almost 20 Australian dollars per hour, which is around 14 euros. This is paid for unskilled jobs with low qualifications. Qualified craftsmen or doctors naturally earn more.

As a project manager you earn a good 100,000 AUD. As a craftsman, for example, your earnings depend heavily on your skills, professional knowledge and the conditions at the place of your new job. Basically, if you work in Australia, you will probably earn more than in Europe.

Australia is a well known, livable country and the labor there needs well-qualified experts above all, but unskilled backpackers are welcome in agriculture, for example. It can be difficult to get an Australian work visa. However, if you belong to a sought-after expert team , this makes the visa procedure much easier. If the large distance to USA or England doesn’t bother you or that’s even an advantage for Australia, then take care of the things mentioned above and then set off to work in Australia.

The level of education in Australia is good. The proportion of 20 to 65 year olds who have at least a bachelor’s degree is 35 %. Around 70 % have a qualification. Nevertheless, there is a shortage of skilled workers in numerous industries, especially in the IT field, engineering and construction. However, manual trades are also affected. In order to remedy the situation, the government is trying to strengthen training (apprenticeship or traineeship), for which wage subsidies in particular are provided. The Australian government draws up various skilled occupations to recruit skilled workers from abroad. These contain between 200 and 500 different jobs and enable visas to be issued based on a points method. The employer scheme, for example, enables companies to bring foreign skilled workers into the country for an unlimited time. Employment for four years is possible with the temporary skill shortage. However, entry into Australia is still severely restricted due to the pandemic.

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