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Average Saturation Diver Salaries

Average Saturation Diver Salaries

You love to be in the water or rather under water? Diving is your passion and you want to make it your profession? The field of application of saturation diver is broad and ranges from trade to the military. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the profession and its salaries.

Becoming a saturation diver is adventurous, exciting and not entirely without risk. In this profession you must have one thing above all: nerves as thick as wire ropes. However, divers are not simple divers, but still have another qualification. They are craftsmen, researchers or in the armed forces. They all have the additional training to become a experienced diver. Accordingly, there are very different areas of apps for divers.

Many people share the fascination for diving and the underwater world. But only a few know that you can turn this hobby into a job and earn money as a saturation diver. The possible uses are diverse: from diving instructors to police or fire assignments to underwater crafts, everything is possible.

Average Saturation Diver Salaries
Average Saturation Diver Salaries

Salary and Career As A Commercial Diver

With all the hardships that professional divers go through, they can look forward to a comparatively high salary level. The sometimes long, intensive work and the great dangers pay off. Depending on the area of work, they earn between 3,500 and 10,000 euros a month. However, they have to pay for the mandatory and regular further training themselves even after the period.

If you work for the police, fire brigade or army as a saturation diver, advancement occurs more or less with the number of years of service. In the free economy, on the other hand, saturation divers can, for example, open their own diving school, work in the placement of divers for companies or become managers in their company.

Despite the hard job, saturation divers usually don’t get rich. According to the companies, the average monthly salary is between 2,500 and 3,500 euros. Companies employ permanent divers and, depending on the order situation, more freelancers. According to the company, it has an annual turnover of two million to three million euros. A new sector for commercial divers is expected to emerge with the construction of offshore farms.

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