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Lingerie Party: The New Trend In Fun Parties

Lingerie Party: The New Trend In Fun Parties

The idea of a lingerie party sounds a little risqué, doesn’t it? But, as it turns out, this new trend in fun parties is actually a lot more innocent than you might think. In fact, it’s just what the name suggests: an event where guests come together to celebrate their love of pretty underthings.


Lingerie parties, as the name suggests, is an event where guests meet and mingle over their shared love of lingerie. It’s a lot like a book club or a cooking class—except the books are about fashion and the food is an assortment of elegant desserts with an emphasis on chocolate. The best part about lingerie parties? They’re not just for women. In fact, they’re open to everyone who has a passion for pretty underthings, including men and children. They aren’t exclusive to your closest friends, either—you can also invite strangers and acquaintances that you’ve met through other social gatherings as well as your favorite retail stores in your area.


The first step to throwing a lingerie party of your own is deciding what kind of party you want to have. If you’re planning on inviting your closest friends, consider creating a sensual theme that will make everyone feel comfortable while also giving them inspiration for their own outfit choices. A tropical paradise or garden party might be appropriate if you want to let loose and have fun; on the other hand, if you’re hosting this party for professional purposes (to connect with new clients or customers), then choosing something more conservative (like business-casual attire) might be more appropriate. Here you can find a helpful post what to wear to a lingerie party to give you some idea.


A lingerie party isn’t just about picking out a pretty set of lingerie for you, however. It’s about experiencing and appreciating the marvels of beautiful underwear alongside your friends, who are experiencing the same thing with you. There’s no pressure to be anything but yourself, which is refreshing in today’s image-driven world where social comparison is so rampant. Ultimately, I’ve learned that a lingerie party is exactly what it sounds like: a fun event that involves cute underthings and nothing more than that.


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