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How To Fix A Door Cylinder

How To Fix A Door Cylinder

You need a lock cylinder if you want to lock a door. If necessary, you can disassemble it, for example to repair it. Like regular cylinder lock, door locks wear out with frequent use. The lock starts to catch, jams or can no longer be opened and closed at all. You should replace the door cylinder in time to keep using the door smoothly. In addition, you save yourself a costly locksmith and maintain the security of your apartment.


Door locks are available in different models for locks for interior and home doors. For doors inside the house, easy warded locks are usually used. These kind of doors have tubular frame locks, security locks or self-locking models. Find out now in the step by step instructions how to determine the size of the door cylinder and find out which cylinder you need to replace the door lock. Then you remove the lock cylinder and the door handle to then take out the old door lock. Ultimately, using the instructions, install the new door lock in the same way as you removed the old door lock, just in reverse order. In addition to the instructions, the recommendations also show you exactly how to do this.


How To Remove A Door Cylinder?


The cylinder must first be removed from the door lock. Otherwise disassembly is not possible. Remove the door lock cylinder by unscrewing the screw on the door lock. Use a screwdriver that fits exactly into the screw. Otherwise you could overtighten it and it is no longer possible to remove the lock. You can extract the lock cylinder by inserting the key and turning it while gently pulling. When a certain position is reached, the cylinder can be easily pulled out. Take out the cylinder and remember that the door is open to everyone. If you do not feel safe, you should first install another door cylinder.


How To Install A Door Cylinder?


Although the installation of a lock is an easy do it yourself job, it is not an everyday one. To ensure that the locking is installed smoothly in any case, we have put together some  instructions for installing a locking below.


The dimple lock for example is easily recognizable by the missing teeth on the key bit. Instead, it has countersunk holes of different sizes, which rotate the pins of the lock exactly. This means that the dimple lock, which is one of the pin models, is usually created as a security lock.


Be careful with locking mechanisms -The pin lock, on the other hand, can be created as a conventional locking or as a security lock. You recognize the property as a security lock when the related keys are integrated into a locking cylinder and open other locks.


Position the driver -Inside is the driver, which looks like a key bit for the same purpose. To prevent unauthorized people from changing a lock, the key must be inserted into the lock and turned as described. This is the only way for the driver to position an escape with the lock, otherwise it blocks.


How To Replace Door Cylinder?


If necessary, shake the lock cylinder a little. If it is very tight, you can also carefully hit the front of the lock with a hammer for door cylinder replacement. Then pull out the old cylinder and insert the new lock. Here too, the driver must be aligned with the lock, then the fixing screw is fastened.


The specialist retailer https://www.yalehome.com/ae/en/products/mechanical-range/cylinders  which also exists in Middle East and UAE can use a door cylinder repairing method to remove the cylinder from the lock without damaging it. If you try it yourself, the only remaining way is to drill out or hit hard with a hammer to loosen the cylinder (then damaged) from the lock.

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