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How to Get Coin For Nature (COFN)

How to Get Coin For Nature (COFN)
Coin-For-Nature-Cofn-How to Get

Coin For Nature is one of the projects that has attracted the most attention recently. The project, which is currently on pre-sale, attracted the attention of many authorities even before it was included in the stock markets. Authorities said that this token is promising. If you want to benefit from this token, let’s start to explain how you can buy this token.

What You Need To Buy Coin For Nature

Metamask: To purchase COFN you need a metamask wallet. If you are using a desktop computer, you must download this wallet as an add-on. Metamasak application is compatible with browsers such as EDGE , Firefox, Opera.

Metamask Mobile: You can also buy COFN from mobile devices. To make this purchase, you must enter the “browser” section of the Metamask mobile application. After entering this section, you can go to naturecoin.io and make the purchase.

Other Purchasing Methods

Apart from these methods, there are also methods where you can buy COFN. You can buy COFNs by sending bnb to 0x5275c5c7f8e0f907c6954ceb97ea86972249c573. 1 BNB is equivalent to 3200000 COFN. All you have to do is send BNB to this address and you will receive COFN tokens corresponding to the BNB you send. When your BNBs reach the contract address, COFNs are automatically added to your wallet. That’s how easy it is to buy COFN.

How Do I Add Coin For Nature to My Metamask Wallet?

To add Coin For Nature to your metamask or Trustwallet wallet, you must: You have to click on add token section. A section will appear asking you to write the contract address. You have to write the following address there. 0xbf20ce6fb00af41e0fe65602ad756ff12bbc3bc8. You will then be able to see Coin For Nature in your Metamask or Trust Wallet wallet.

Is COFN Safe?

COFN uses the most reliable software for you. This software is certified by AUDITs. And it is software compatible with all exchanges, including pancakeswap. Enjoy secure token with COFN. As you buy and sell your token, our team will be improving it day by day. Stay tuned to COFN, which has a strong team and strong staff. COFN’s social media addresses are located at naturecoin.io. We recommend that you visit and browse the website. We also recommend that you follow COFN’s social media accounts in order to follow the developments closely.

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