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Car Mechatronics Technician Salaries In Europe and USA

Car Mechatronics Technician Salaries In Europe and USA

According to the pay of the Federal Employment Agency, the average salary as a car mechatronics is 3,000 euros per month. That makes an annual salary of around 35.000 and for a 38-hour week, results in an hourly wage for a car technician of around 20.000 euros.

In addition, however, there are special payments in some companies. Around 50 % receive a Christmas bonus in addition to their mechanic salary. Almost 50 % receive holiday pay, and 15 % of all industry mechatronics can look forward to profit sharing. Sometimes the mechatronics technicians are hired without the appropriate experience. However, they then earn notably less per month.

Salary According To Collective Agreement In USA and Europe

If you are employed in a company that is not bound by a collective agreement, you will receive around 20 % less wages as a car mechanic than if you are paid according to the collective agreement in Europe for example. That makes a monthly difference in the mechatronics salary of 500 dollars than in USA. According to a survey by the Foundation, around 35 % of all vehicle mechatronics technicians are employed in a company that pays according to bargaining agreements.

Car Mechatronics Technician Salaries In Europe and USA
Car Mechatronics Technician Salaries In Europe and USA

What Factors Influence The Salary Of An Mechatronics Technician?

In addition to the different car mechatronics salaries in companies with or without collective agreements, there are other aspects that influence the amount of your mechanic salary. For example, the federal state in which you are employed or the size of the company, as well as your work experience in USA.

Women receive a 2.5 % lower salary as a car mechatronics than their male colleagues. According to the wage table of the Federal Employment Agency, they receive an average salary per month as a car technician, while men can expect more salary. In most occupations, men in the same position and with similar experience earn more. On average, they can expect six % more than women.

If you want to do a master’s degree in mechatronics, you can expect a salary of 3,500 dollars per month as a mechatronics technician, according to the salary analysis. You then have an hourly wage as a technician.


The wage index survey by the Foundation revealed that around 50 % of all mechatronics technicians work more than contractually agreed. Of these, 30 % received no payment for the overpaid work. So neither time off nor higher pay. On the other hand, just over 30 % stated in the survey that they received time off for their overtime, almost 10 % received wages for the additional hours worked, and some received payment with an overtime premium.

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