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Average Endodontist Salaries

Average Endodontist Salaries

Endodontist are dental specialists who focus on diagnosing and treating problems related to the inside of teeth. They typically work in private practices and perform procedures such as root canal therapy. As with any healthcare profession, salaries for endodontist vary depending on a number of factors.

Average Endodontist Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for endodontist as of May 2023 was $250,000. This falls in line with other dental specialists, as the overall median annual salary for dentists was $210,200. However, salaries can range from as low as $122,690 to as high as $362,760, depending on location, level of experience, and type of practice.

Average Endodontist Salaries
Average Endodontist Salaries

Location plays a significant role in determining endodontist salary. Those working in urban or high-cost areas tend to earn more than those working in rural or low-cost areas. For example, the highest-paying state for endodontists in 2023 was Massachusetts, with an annual mean salary of $302,000. Other high-paying states included Rhode Island, Minnesota, and New Hampshire. On the other hand, endodontists in states such as West Virginia, Mississippi, and Arkansas earned less than the national median.

Experience level also has a big impact on endodontist salaries. According to PayScale, entry-level endodontists (with less than five years of experience) tend to earn an average of $195,000 per year, while mid-career endodontists (with five to ten years of experience) earn an average of $208,000 per year. Experienced endodontists (with more than ten years of experience) can earn upwards of $267,000 per year.

The type of practice also affects endodontist salaries. Endodontists who work in private practices or group practices tend to earn more than those who work in hospitals or for government agencies. Private practice endodontists also have the opportunity to increase their earnings by building their patient base and accepting more referrals.

Endodontist salaries vary depending on location, experience level, and type of practice. While the overall median annual salary for endodontists is $234,000, individual salaries can range from $120,690 to $372,760. Endodontists in high-cost areas and those with more experience tend to earn more, as do those working in private practices. With a growing demand for dental services and an aging population in need of more specialized dental care, the outlook for endodontist salaries is positive.

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