Part Time Minimum Wage


Doing the shopping, taking the children to daycare or school and then to lessons and working full-time in between is sometimes a difficult task that mothers and fathers have to face. Even within the working hours of eight hours a day and 40 hours a week, there are so many appointments and tasks to coordinate that the many private appointments sometimes make the back and lead to complete exhaustion.

In cases like these, it can make sense to slow down at work and ask your employer to work part time in the future, if necessary only for a defined period of time. But what impact does the decision to work part time have on salary? We explore these and other questions about the impact of reducing hours in this guide. In this blog, we will also go into how much of the gross salary you have left at the end of the month as net wages.

If You Work Part Time, Your Income Will Be Reduced

Employees who work part time regularly work shorter hours than full-time employees and therefore also work fewer hours. So when it is  a part time job cannot be determined by a predefined fixed number of hours per week. This is also used to measure how high the part-time salary is at the end of the month.

How Much Salary Do You Really Take With You In The End?

Most employment relationships are based on written employment deals in which the gross salary is given for both full-time and part-time employees. This means that this value does not end up in the account one to one, but is usually reduced proportionately by taxes and, if applicable, security contributions. Only jobs that do not fall under the definition of employment are subject to social security contributions (usually do not generate more than 550 dollars per month). In this case, a flat rate taxation usually applies. In order to save taxes, you can also apply for an exemption certificate from the tax. From 2022, the statutory minimum wage will be more than 10 dollars. By mid-2022, it is expected to rise to 10.5. The federal government could also increase it to up to 12. According to reports, this could happen as early as autumn 2022.

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