What is the Canada Minimum Wage in 2021?

What is the Canada Minimum Wage

Canada is one of the most preferred immigration destinations in the world. Many immigrants who are looking for a better life for themselves and their families decide to immigrate to this beautiful country.

The biggest reason why people prefer it is the high minimum wage. The Canadian minimum wage in 2021 can easily help workers to sustain a decent lifestyle in the country. Thanks to the high minimum wage, any immigrant can work and support his or her family easily.

Canadian Minimum Wage by State in 2021

Below, you can find the current Canadian minimum wage in 2021. These are currently applied minimum wages across the country. It will be worth noting that the minimum wage can vary depending on your job and the states you are living in.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada soon, then you may want to check this list to determine a destination for yourself. Although there are minor differences between the minimum wages of different states, they can make a huge difference over the years.

It will be worth noting that these figures are determined according to the cost of living index in relevant states.

  • Alberta $15.00
  • Alberta (Students younger than 18) $13.00
  • British Columbia $15.20
  • Prince Edward Island $13.00
  • Manitoba $11.95
  • Manitoba (Security Guards) $12.50
  • New Brunswick $11.75
  • Nova Scotia $12.95
  • Nunavut $16.00
  • Ontario $14.35
  • Ontario (Students younger than 18) $13.50
  • Ontario (Home Workers) $15.80
  • Ontario (Liquor Servers) $12.55
  • Quebec $13.50
  • Quebec (Workers receiving tips) $10.80
  • Saskatchewan $11.81
  • Newfoundland and Labrador $12.75
  • Northwest Territories $15.20
  • Yukon $15.20

Will Minimum Wages in Canada Increase?

If you are expecting the minimum wage to increase in Canada, we have some bad news for you. These are the final figures for 2021. This means that these figures will not increase until 2022. The government did not make any announcements about the future increases in the minimum wage.

In general, the Canadian government announces the minimum wage increases towards the end or at the beginning of the year. The announced changes enter into force between May and October. The time for entering into force may vary from state to state.


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