What is the Quebec Minimum Wage in 2021

What is the Quebec Minimum Wage

If you have been looking for an amazing state to live in Canada, then you may see Quebec on the top of the list of recommendations many times. Quebec is one of the amazing Canadian provinces that welcome everyone. In addition to this, the recent 3.1% minimum wage increase in Quebec made it more favorable for many immigrants. Without a doubt, you can easily start a new life or career in this beautiful state without any challenge by working for minimum wage. Moreover, you can also find many opportunities to land a job with higher pay compared to the minimum wage. If you would like to learn more about this topic, then keep reading!

3.1% Increase in Quebec Minimum Wage in 2021

The minimum wage in Quebec was $12.90. However, the Canadian government considered to Quebec consumer price index and decided to increase the minimum wage in Quebec by 3.1%. This increase came into force as of 1 May 2021. The $0.40 increase in the minimum wage satisfied everyone living or working in the state. No doubt, you can easily meet all your basic needs and enjoy a quality lifestyle while paying rent. Of course, the increasing rent prices in the city center is still a concern but anyone can easily overcome this problem by moving a bit outside of the center.

Is Minimum Wage Different for Immigrants?

There are no regulations about the minimum wage for immigrants in Quebec. This means that any foreigner who will be working in the city can benefit from the same privileges that locals enjoy. Of course, you need to have a work permit to legally work. Otherwise, you and your employer can get in serious trouble. This may end with you deport while your employer may be fined. In case you are planning to move to Canada, then we can recommend Quebec for you. We believe you can easily land a job with minimum wage, regardless of your profession. Moreover, your chances to land a better-paying job are quite high. Do not forget to consider this state as your priority while deciding on your new home.


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