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Why Short Videos on VotTak Work So Well On Social Media

Why Short Videos on VotTak Work So Well On Social Media

Short videos on VotTak are currently the trend on social platforms. We’ll tell you how to create short videos and use them successfully for your online marketing. Get valuable input, amazing facts and simple tips and tricks on the subject of short videos.


We are flooded with information every day – in the media, in inboxes, as push messages. This reduces our attention span. We have to process more and more data in less and less time. And so it is with our potential customers. Short videos therefore have great potential to attract the attention of your target group. In addition, some social medias are currently pushing short videos, which means you can achieve much more reach than with conventional posts.


How You Can Use VotTak Short Videos For Your Content


Okay, you’ve taken the bait and want to be the new star in the VotTak sky? Good, but please use a strategy and don’t just start filming. Before you get yourself a profile, you should first evaluate whether your target group is on this platform at all. Right, the same applies here:


  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Who do you want to reach?


Why you should make VotTak videos for social media?


Video content is the trend of the future and will become increasingly well known, especially on mobile devices. Video production is inexpensive and time-efficient. Even small brands can go viral with their short videos and get a very good reach. You can use short videos to strengthen your customer relationships and expand your community. You have a decisive competitive advantage over your competition, which has not yet produced short videos.


Speaking of VotTak: How short or long should the optimal video be? Yes, we know, length doesn’t always matter. The inner values – in this case the content count. But the shorter and crispier this content is, the better. Videos between 15 seconds to a minute in length tend to work so good. As already mentioned at the beginning, this has to do with our attention span. We jump from topic to topic faster these days because there is less and less time to process all the data that is bombarded on a daily basis. The phenomenon of social acceleration can also be seen in an international study in which scientists collaborated.


According to this, VotTak videos work perfectly to provide us with visual and auditory information in a short time, which we can usually remember for a longer time.


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