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The International Production of Nylon

The International Production of Nylon

OKD Polimer, is an international cast nylon supplier. This company, which produces various nylons, is based in Turkey and sells its plastic products all over the world. OKD Polimer, which has been undertaking this task for many years, is just one of the leading companies in the sector. It produces special components in different forms and offers them for sale for use in various sectors. Producing high quality rods, sheets and pipes, this company demonstrates its distinction in its field. OKD Polimer, a manufacturer of cast nylon, makes its products ready for the use of various materials.

Diverse Product Manufacturer

OKD Polimer, a manufacturer of cast nylon, offers different types of nylon in different forms. These nylon products consist of cast polyamide, polyamide, polyetylene, polyoxymethylene, polypropylene, and phenolic fibre. All products are differentiated according to their characteristics and are used in different areas. All these products are also offered for sale at affordable prices for use in various fields. These products fall under the category of materials. Therefore, it does not only produce limited to products in the materials category.

It also offers a variety of materials in the categories industry components and finished parts.  Energy, marine, construction machine, material handling, rolling mill and sandwich panel are among the products OKD Polimer offers to industries. Cast nylon pulleys and sheaves, wear pads, bearings & rollers, chain guides and grids are among the other products produced.  OKD Polymer, which has become an international manufacturer, diversifies its product range day by day and offers it to users.

Brings High Quality Products Together with Different Sectors

OKD Polimer, which manufactures and sells high-quality products in a variety of industries, brings these products together. Materials and components produced in different forms provide convenience in the sector in which they are used. OKD Polimer makes a great contribution to the motor, automotive, electrical, iron, furniture, packaging and food sectors with its diverse product range. It offers its long-lasting and multi-purpose products to various sectors around the world.

Offers Products at Affordable Prices to Increase Efficiency

OKD Polimer is a company that stands out with its high quality and multi-purpose products. But it is not limited to this. One of the other aspects that makes this company privileged is that it offers its products for sale at affordable prices.

While it offers bulk nylon types for sale for use in many areas, it does not compromise on its reliability. It continues its uninterrupted service with many production facilities, production equipment, and expert manufacturers. Globally recognized company offers its unique products and service to customers all over the world.


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