The Best Reasons to Become an HGV Driver

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As the world begins to right itself in the wake of the pandemic, more and more individuals have been thinking about how to either get back into the workforce in a more meaningful way or how to make the switch from their current job to something better. One of the sectors that saw some significant strain and poses a host of opportunities for work with a good paycheck is the import/export sector – and the good news is that HGV drivers are now more in demand than ever before.


Why is becoming an HGV driver a good idea?

There are many reasons why becoming an HGV driver can be a good idea – and it is worthwhile to note that it doesn’t matter what your current skill set is, it can be simple to gain your qualifications with as little as a clean driving licence, the right driving school and a little bit of cash (find an HGV training course here). Here are the top ones that may help you to make up your mind if you’ve been considering this change of career.

Job security

One of the biggest things attracting new HGV drivers is the level of stability that the role can offer. Not only do haulage companies tend to have a high employee retention rate, but there is some significant demand in the niche which means drivers won’t find it difficult to source work either initially or at any time in the future. It may also be worthwhile to consider that many sectors are facing potential job losses in the coming years as automation is beginning to increase in application and replace plenty of roles, but this is something that HGV drivers simply won’t have to worry about.

Earning potential

The pay is one of the most attractive features when considering becoming a HGV driver and with salaries starting at around £20k per year, it’s easy to see why. The good news is that you can earn more as you gain experience and there are a host of driving bonuses on offer (that new drivers will be privy to also), so there is a lot of potential financial gain on the horizon.

You can work from anywhere

Qualified drivers will have the ability to work from anywhere and it will often be simple to switch companies if they need to relocate, if they aren’t happy with their current company, or for any other reason. There is also the potential to broaden horizons, as it won’t take much extra training or red tape to qualify as an international driver. In fact, HGV drivers are just as sought-after in the EU and across the world- and the pay terms can be more lucrative in some cases than in the UK.

Get started with your HGV training today

If you currently hold a category B driving licence, all you will need to do is apply for a provisional lorry driver’s licence and take a set of driving tests, including theory and practical exams, to obtain the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence qualification (this should take 8-10 weeks). From here you can start to get the correct paperwork together, start looking for work and get your career on the road.

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