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salaries in google
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Salaries in Google


Google is the leading technology giant in the world and has many innovative projects in different fields. It is also one of the constantly growing technology giants in the world that is constantly seeking new team members. Below, you can find detailed information about opportunities and how much does Google pay for its employees in different fields.

If you are planning to land a job in Google, we have also shared detailed information on working conditions, recruitment processes and how can you apply for a job in this technology giant. We hope that our guide will be beneficial for those who are willing to be a part of Google’s family.

Google Salaries by Job Title

Google Salaries by job titles, salary averages by departments, by USA states and other countries, ceo and engineer salaries in Google

Before engineer salaries are quite tempting at the first glance. Besides the amazing benefits of becoming a part of Google’s team, you can enjoy rewarding salaries as well as additional bonuses. There are more than a hundred positions you can apply for at Google.

To keep our list short, we are going to provide some of the most popular positions and their average salaries in the following. Keep in mind that the salaries vary depending on your position, experience, skills, educational background, and city.

Among all positions, Google engineer salaries are one of the most appealing and tempting salaries compared to other positions and industry average in the world.

  • Software Engineer $120,000
  • Technical Program Manager $145,000
  • Senior Software Engineer $155,000
  • Software Developer $80,000
  • Data Scientist $130,000
  • Software Product Manager $140,000
  • Product Marketing Manager $120,000
  • Account Manager $80,000
  • Technical Account Manager $140,000
  • UX Researcher $115,000

Google Salary Averages by Department

Below, you can find Google salary averages by the department. Again, please note that salaries greatly depend on the position you are going to work for and your professional background. The average salaries included in the following list include every single individual working in that specific department.

  • Business Development $207,000
  • Communications $135,000
  • Customer Support $121,000
  • Design $118,000
  • Engineering $184,000
  • Finance $104,000
  • Human Resources $86,000
  • Information Technology $157,000
  • Legal $155,000
  • Marketing $116,000
  • Operations $84,000
  • Product $209,000
  • Sales $188,000

Product department has the record average salary with $209,000 while operations department has the lowest average salary with $84,000.

Google Average Salaries by State (USA)

Google offers different salaries in different states in the United States. This is why your Google software engineer salary can be different than someone who is working in the same department but living in a different state than you. However, there are minor differences between the different states of the United States.

If you would like to learn more about the Google average salaries by state, here are the top 10 most popular states you can check out:

  • Mountain View, California $123,000
  • San Francisco, California $121,000
  • New York, New York $107,000
  • Sunnyvale, California $128,000
  • San Jose, California $129,000
  • Seattle, Washington $117,000
  • Austin, Texas $85,000
  • Los Angeles, California $107,000
  • Chicago, Illinois $108,000
  • Palo Alto, California $141,000

Google Average Salaries by Country

As we mentioned before, Google has a different salary policy in different states, and this is also true for different countries. Google is one of the global companies, which have centers and departments all around the world.

This means that, depending on your job requirements, you can work for Google without the need for leaving your country. If you would like to learn more about Google average salaries by country, here are the top six countries:

  • Switzerland $149,000
  • United States $134,000
  • Spain $120,000
  • Canada  $90,000
  • United Kingdom $87,000
  • Singapore $84,000

CEO Salaries in Google

Google Salaries by job titles, salary averages by departments, by USA states and other countries, ceo and engineer salaries in GoogleCEO salaries may vary depending on many factors and agreements between the CEO and the board of management. As of 2020, Google’s CEO is still Sundar Pichai. According to current figures, Sundar Pichai earned about $2 million in 2020. This means that his monthly salary corresponds to $165,000.

However, it will be worth noting that the vast majority of CEOs also have unique agreements and contacts. These agreements allow them to receive bonus premiums according to pre-set goals. Some of these premiums are never announced as well.

How to Apply for a Job in Google?

Anyone can apply for Google jobs and can be hired if they meet the required standards of the company. Today, Google has thousands of employees working in different centers, states, and even countries. Google has a flexible working plan for the majority of the positions, and you do not have to be physically available in your department to keep working for the company.

Google has a smooth application process for both professionals and students, who are dreaming to land a job in this technology giant. They have a dedicated page for job applications to carry out the entire process. You will be invited to a physical interview when deemed necessary but almost all of the interviews are carried out online.

You can visit at any time to apply for a job at Google. It will be worth noting that watching some of the tutorials shared by Google can boost your chances to be hired by them.

What Are Working Conditions in Google?

Google is one of the leading technology giants in the world and it owes most of its success to amazing working conditions provided for its employees. Besides innovative working spaces, Google encourages free speech and independent thinking.

Google also offers effective career development for its employees, and you can apply for vacant positions to develop your career. Google mainly prioritizes its employees in such applications.

Moreover, Google has amazing retention strategies to keep its employees. Needless to say, it has many and innovative motivation strategies to contribute to the happiness of its employees.

What Are Google Recruitment Processes?

Google recruitment processes are made of 5 simple steps. Almost all applicants undergo similar procedures. The first one is resume screening and then you will be interviewed on phone for about 30 and 60 minutes. If you will be successful in both, then you are going to undergo on-site interviews, where you will interview with 4-5 people. After that, you need to pass the hiring committee review before you need to pass the executive reviews and receive an offer for your new Google career.

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