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Rent villas in Turkey – but how?

Rent villas in Turkey – but how?

Turkey offers everything that is needed for a great holiday: blue sea, beautiful beaches and exciting cities. Spend heavenly days on the Turkish Riviera, for example in Çeşme, Izmir or Alanya, Fethiye or Göcek. The ancient city of Side and Antalya on the Mediterranean also have lots of sun and cultural highlights in store for you. Whether holiday home or villa, Turkey has something for everyone. Book your dream Villa Extra accommodation and create your holiday individually: beach holiday with the family, wellness for couples, active holiday for groups or a city trip. Immerse yourself in a world of orient! For these reasons and many other reasons, we actually recommend an alternative that is not only cheaper but above all more comfortable- a holiday villa in Turkey!



  • Pet-friendly accommodations
  • Villa with pool
  • Pools, wifi and air conditioning


Holiday villa in Turkey


The region is known for its picturesque beaches and rental summer villa. If you don’t just want to sunbathe on the coast, the cities or towns have a few sights in store for you. The small but attractive old town with its villa houses, the fishing port with the fish market, Stone Age dwelling caves on the beach and the landmark, the lighthouse on the cliffs- holiday guests discover all of this while strolling through the town.


Villas; more than just bathing fun


A villa in Turkey is just right for you and your family if you want a lot of freedom of movement, flexibility and privacy for your upcoming holiday. You will also find picturesque landscapes, family-friendly bathing beaches and adventurous amusement parks almost right outside your door. The rental villa is private holiday apartment that meet demanding criteria and offer you all the amenities – so that you feel completely comfortable and welcome.


The numerous advantages of https://www.villaekstra.com/  villas are making more and more Turkey vacationers switch to this type of vacation. This is usually cheaper and, above all, more flexible option is a very good choice, especially for families with children.


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