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How Much Does TJ Maxx Pay?

How Much Does TJ Maxx Pay?

At TJ Maxx, they offer excellent value for money with a constantly changing selection of well known brands and labels, which are up to almost 60% cheaper than the recommended retail price and are therefore notably cheaper than in other stores or shops on the main streets are.

Real Added Value

TJ Maxx is an off-price retail company. Off-price is the main concept and means that they offer their customers the perfect possible value for money. For us, this is the mixture of brand, fashion, price and quality. Unlike classic retail businesses, they usually don’t have discounts, seasonal sales or other additions. Instead, they offer top brands and labels that are up to 60% cheaper in relation to the others. An outlet store usually sells goods from a single manufacturer. The company is different – they offer you brands from many of suppliers from all over the world.

The salary ranges shown represent an estimate of the gross annual salaries for comparable positions including variable components for full-time employees. The non-binding estimate is based on the use of various statistical ways, including salary details from the union. The salary ranges shown are intended to represent the most common salaries. Outliers above or below are not considered. Deviations from actually paid salaries are possible.

Salaries are often kept a secret. Together with you and millions of other users, the company can ensure the necessary salary transparency. This is how you find the employer that really suits you and the thoughts.

How Much Does TJ Maxx Pay
How Much Does TJ Maxx Pay

Competitive base salary plus holiday and holiday extras, annual salary review; up to 20% employee discount in all TJ Maxx branches
• 30 days vacation, regulated working hours and additional time off with a time account
• Reduced prices in the own canteen and fruit every day
• Great employee events, such as the seasonal party, team building events and a comprehensive health schedule

Shape The Future

Share the determination to make things happen and we give you the autonomy to take good risks and the chance to evolve. If you see yourself in the profile and are interested in this challenge, apply today. The company looks forward to receiving your detailed subscription!

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