Best Turkish Grill in Las Vegas

Best Turkish Grill in Las Vegas

Maza is a Mediterranean and Turkish restaurant in Las Vegas, which offers you the finest and the best Turkish Halal Dishes. The Turkish cuisine is one the most famous kithchen of the world for centuries. Its history is traced back to the glory of Ottoman Empire. Maza Turhish restaurant offers traditional and authentic Turkish Cuisine with warm modern atmosphere. You can have a chance to experience the taste of the Turkish foods in Toronto. You can visit Maza for lunch, dinner or meetings. Quality and the prices of the foods in Maza is quite reasonable. Especialy the Turkish grill is the chief recommendation. We offer you the best Turkish dining experience in Las Vegas.


You can find deserts, Turkish coffee and Halal Foods in Maza. We are happy to offer you the best and the healthiest tastes of the world. In our menu there are various kind of foods. For appetizer, there are Humus, Baba Ghanous, Cacik, Tabbouleh, Sarma, Eggplant Cavier, Ezme, Cheese Platter, Smoked Salmon, Mixed Pickles Vegetables, Falafel, Sigara Börek, Sultan’s Delight Appetizer. Traditional soups and salads are also available. For entries, there are Assorted Kebap Platter, Appetizer Platter. The best foods are the Turkish Grill.


Turkish Grill in Las Vegas

Turkish Grill are very famous. Grilled kebabs are serve with grilled vegetables, pita bread, salad and rice pilaf, French fries. The varieties of the grills are that: Seafood Kebab, Chicken Shish Kebab, Beef Shish Kebab, Lamb Shish Kebab, Lamb Chops, Beef Adana Kebab, Chicken Adana Kebab, Kofte Kebab, Veggie Kabab, Lamb Shank, Beef Doner Kebab. Turkish grill is the healthiest type of the meat. So come and try best dining experience in Las Vegas. We are open 7 days in a week between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. Also, you have a chance to order online from our website. Other Blog Posts


14 Delicious Barbecue Recipes Combining the Appetite of the Open Air with its Taste

Barbecue is one of the most beautiful activities of summer. There are no words to describe the excitement you experience while lighting the barbecue, inhaling the fragrant smell of slow-cooked meat on the fire, and sharing these flavors with your loved ones.


We have brought together delicious recipes that leave the taste on the palate, accompany the barbecues that are not forgotten even after months, and beautify your table.


Now it’s up to you to enjoy those delicious cooked meats, appetizers and salads with your family and loved ones.


Let’s start with the indispensable barbecue: Grilled meatballs


You can’t get enough of the grilled meatballs, which are given to children who are sizzling on the barbecue, go down to a warm stomach, sometimes between bread and run around. So, get the ground meat, get the ingredients ready. We’re kneading meatballs!


Not forgetting the white meat: Chicken in Sauce

The secret of this recipe is hidden in the sauce softened by onion juice and olive oil, peaking its flavor with spices and tomatoes. The show that these chickens dipped in sauce put on at the barbecue is incredible.


Vegetarians barbecue, too: Grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables, which will cause those who do not eat meat or those who want to eat healthy, to wait by the barbecue, are waiting in line to give you a wonderful day with both its appearance and taste.


How many skewers do you eat: Liver skewers

Some skewers are beautiful. Especially the skewers cooked in the barbecue fire are much, much better. For example, liver skewers in which you will switch to a different flavor dimension in each bite.


Check us 1.5: Adana kebab

This time, we don’t go all the way to Adana to eat Adana kebab. We are preparing such an Adana kebab on the barbecue that the eater wants to eat it again.


Let‘s peel the bones: Wings with sauce

We witness that the chicken wings are first combined with the sauce and then with the barbecue fire. “Any more?” This recipe, which we will ask, should be included in the list of all barbecue vendors.


Meats smashed: Decent shish kebab

First of all, we double the taste of shish kebab, which is a favorite of picnickers, by marinating it well, and then watching it cook on the barbecue at high heat. The result is exquisite!


Line up: Meatballs skewer

If the water stops flowing when it comes to meatballs, if meatballs suit the barbecue best, why not put it in different shapes and benefit from this flavor more? Some meatballs are very good, the meatball skewers cooked on the barbecue are very, very good.


The fire called him: Roasted eggplant salad

If the barbecue is lit, that eggplant will be roasted! They will peel off and turn into a delicious roasted eggplant salad. It will be the best accompaniment to the meat.


Not without it: BBQ sauce

Barbecue sauce is the number one best friend of the meats cooked on the grill. So, as soon as he starts making a barbecue plan, he should prepare it at home, fill it in jars and keep it waiting.


The delicious combination of roasted tomatoes, peppers and eggplant: Babagannus

There is no barbecue-worthy salad like babagannuş, which consists of roasted tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. We call this opportunity an opportunity and we make room for babagannuş on our table.


And for dessert: Watermelon pizza

We ate meat, salads, appetizers, we were stuffed. But not without dessert. Instead of a heavy dessert, we invite the most beautiful fruit of the season, watermelon, to the stage and we make a delicious watermelon pizza to be eaten sliced ​​by slice.

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