Best Jobs For Moms With No Degree


I think many mothers feel that once they are away from work during parental leave, they reprioritize and like to spend more time at home with their families. Luckily we live in modern times and there are tons of chances and jobs for moms to work without a degree. Many have already considered all the possibilities of working from home, here is a selection of jobs and ideas to inspire:


Do you speak the language of PC’s like your own mother tongue and would you like to make programming your profession? You don’t necessarily need an apprenticeship or a degree for this. Even as a changer, it is possible to gain a foothold as a programmer. Strong skills are a must here. You may have deepened this through certified further working.

Best Jobs For Moms With No Degree


Sales people are usually the core of any business because they ultimately have to sell the company’s goods or offers. To work as a salesperson, you should have business knowledge, a feel for the market, customers and product and be good with people.

Real Estate Agent

Whether you are self-employed or employed, you can earn good money as an estate agent. You don’t need a degree for this, which is why real estate is one of the well-paid jobs without training. However, further training and a license are very important for success in the job. As a broker, your salary depends on how much you sell.

Production Helper

As a production helper, you will mainly be on the assembly line and mostly do easy, manual work. You often do the same movement for eight hours at a time. Nevertheless: Especially in shift work, the job is quite lucrative and gives you a worthwhile salary, especially in the night. As an assistant, you can expect an average gross salary of 30,000 per year. You will achieve this salary above all if you work for large companies in the sector and usually accept shift work. Especially at night or on weekends, you can expect some supplements in addition to your fixed salary.

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