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Barista Minimum Wage

Barista Minimum Wage

The job of a barista probably looks very attractive to outsiders: he or she stands behind a hip counter all day long, surrounded by the wonderful smell of freshly ground beans and prepares delicious coffees. He knows machines and hand filters inside out and can even let off steam well when decorating the cups with his art. Everyone loves what he does and in between there is always a nice chat with the customers.

Advancement and Money

The coffee shops have pumped me many of self-confidence as a barista over the past years – something we didn’t have before. Many learned that they know something and they can do something. Ultimately, this led to participation in the barista championships. A great success, which of course made some very happy and confirmed love of coffee! Nevertheless, the personal path is not intended to be a benchmark, and of course not every barista is required to develop so far that they want to take part in the championships.

But you should have a certain passion at master level for the craft, because from a purely point of view, the job as a barista is definitely not an eye-catcher. After all, it belongs to the catering trade! We can’t and don’t want to give exact amounts about how much a regular barista earns. Because the spectrum of what you can and are allowed to ask for is wide: Some only get the minimum wage as a mini-jobber, others are in a better position on a basis working part-time and a few can perhaps even handle high-priced bills as baristas with championship titles write. Everything is possible.

Barista Minimum Wage
Barista Minimum Wage

More Than Making Coffee

Everything comfortably furnished? Then the day can start. Now you can put your coffee skills to the table, impress your customers with art and let off steam! Although, let off steam is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, after all, your shop is not a playground. Even if you do this job because it’s a passion at the same time, you can’t forget that behind the counter you have to be a representative of a company and have to appear professional.

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