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Average Pipefitter Salary Salaries

Average Pipefitter Salary Salaries

Most of them have known since their apprenticeship how long their profession has actually existed. Above all, you should memorize the former job titles very well in this context. You will still find the old job title or titles in many job offers. In your case, companies are still often looking for pipefitter today.

As a pipe fitter, you are the expert for assembling pipes and connecting the systems. They are very familiar with various handicraft methods. In most cases, pipe fitters have specialized in a good field. As a pipe fitter, you can work in gas pipe construction on the one hand, but also as an expert in the sector of high-pressure pipe construction, heating pipe construction or pipe construction. Regardless of the chosen work, pipe fitters take care of the installation of various fittings in every company. This includes valves and sliders, but also pumps, measuring devices, filters and similar items. Above all, the job requires some skills. You must therefore be able to read and implement drawings. You can use these to make steel pipes and fittings for use. To do this, the tubes, sheets and profiles first have to be cut out and shaped using machines or by hand. Unfortunately, there are no regular parts for some pipe connections. In such cases, your creativity is required. If you have already made one or the other specific solution, it will probably no longer be difficult for you to quickly form a suitable connecting part or branch piece.

As a pipe fitter, you can earn an average salary of 35000 euros per year. The starting salary in this job is 2500 euros. According to sources, the upper salary limit is 45,000. All federal states were taken into account when calculating the salary for the profession of pipe fitter.

Average Pipefitter Salary Salaries
Average Pipefitter Salary Salaries

In Which Industries Can You Find Job Offers As A Pipe Fitter?

Pipe fitters find attractive job offers in these fields: metal construction, oil and gas production, water supply, waterworks, chemicals,  and  oil procedures.

What Are The Activities Of A Pipe Fitter?

Pipe fitters are experienced in handling metalworking tools and systems. They know how a welder works and take care of the assembly of pipes, the joining of pipe networks, the installation of fittings, the production of pipes and fittings from steel for sector and the production of suitable connectors and branches.

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