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Average Medical Lawyer Salaries

Average Medical Lawyer Salaries

Medical law is one of the most interesting legal fields, which sometimes overlaps with criminal law. For this reason, only about 3 % of experienced lawyers work as medical lawyer for medical law. They have specific knowledge in the field of their lawyer designation and represent their clients and their interests in medical law matters in and out of court.

Due to the ongoing digitization and the linked development in medicine, a new and challenging area of activity has opened up for lawyers in recent years: medical law. Although this niche has existed for decades, it has developed notably and enormously, especially with the immense innovational developments. The required know-how about patients and paragraphs represents a wide field at the interface between medicine, the health and the related legal framework. From medical liability to the remuneration of private patients and social security law, there is increasing juridification and complexity in medicine. With these developments, the need for qualified lawyers in this important and varied experienced field is also increasing. Medical law covers all legal regulations that influence the development, manufacture, use of medical goods, offers and research in this area.

Average Medical Lawyer Salaries
Average Medical Lawyer Salaries

Other names for this job description are lawyer for health law or patient advocate. In addition to medical law, specialist lawyers can also work in other areas, such as family law, inheritance law or labor law.

The need for medical lawyers is growing from year to year. The market is increasing usually due to increasing medical interest and travel. The average starting salary is almost 100.000 dollars per year. In medium-sized law firms, the average annual income is just under 75.000 and in large law firms around 115.000.Medical law presents itself to lawyers as a worthwhile specialization with a challenging one matter.

PhD In Medical Law

In this diverse field, there is also the chance to do a doctorate or to acquire a Master. Medical law can be completed within 3 semesters for a complete of 5-10.000 dollars. For this price you can also do a master’s degree in medical law at the universities.

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